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Refinancing Mortgage Wellington

Are you with the right bank or lender? Is your mortgage structure helping you achieve your goals? Let’s find out.

Expert Loan Review and Refinancing Advice in Wellington

Wellington Home Loan Refinancing

As a registered financial adviser I’m able to provide regulated advice on your loan structure.

The right loan structure can save you thousands of dollars. Unfortunately some bank staff aren’t fully qualified and can only give information to assist with your decision. As your mortgage advisor I’m able to offer independent advice on the best loan structure for you and your future goals.

Earning a good income? Why not reduce the loan term to reduce the interest paid… 

Know you’ve got some additional money coming your way soon? Why not leave some of your loan floating so you can pay a lump sum off your loan and avoid break costs…

These are just a couple of the areas we can talk about. All with the aim of structuring your mortgage to suit your personal situation.

Cash Out Refinance Wellington

Is your current fixed rate due to expire?


With access to over 20+ banks and other lenders, I’m able to ensure you’re receiving the best rate when it’s time to re-fix. Saving money today almost always means a better tomorrow.

This service comes at no charge to you, so why not guarantee you’re on the best loan terms and rates? Get in touch with Lendal Mortgages today so we can avoid your expired fixed rate rolling onto a higher floating rate.

Refinance House Wellington

Refinancing your home loan.

Is your home loan on a competitive interest rate? Is your bank giving you the right level of service?

There’s many reasons you might want to refinance your home loan. Whatever your situation – Lendal Mortgages can do the heavy lifting and leg work for you.

Because I do this every day I understand how the banks and other lenders work, and what the market rates should be. Firstly, I’ll approach your current bank or lender and see if they’ll offer a better deal. If the situation remains the same, I’ll then approach the other banks and lenders on your behalf and seek a more attractive offer.

I’ll be right by your side as we work through the refinance process. I’ll provide calculations and advice around break costs (if any) and let you know about cash contributions, terms and rates from your new bank or lender.

Home Loan Broker for Investment Property

Want to know how I can support you with your new build & construction lending?

Tricks, tips and general info is good. But tailored advice is better

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