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Business Loans Wellington

Specialist business and development lending is where Lendal Mortgages thrives. Let us help you get your business loan.

Business & Development Loans Wellington

 Your Wellington Mortgage Broker. We provide independent mortgage advice to home and business owners in Wellington, Upper Hutt, Lower Hutt, Porirua, Kapiti and beyond.

Business Loans.

Need funding to expand your current business? Or perhaps you’re looking to merge with another business? Lendal Mortgages has the experience in knowing what security the banks or other lenders will require, i.e. property or GSA security, and what information will be required to assess, and approve, your loan application.

If the thought of financials, debtors, creditors, tax & GST confirmation and three way forecasts sound all too much – let Lendal Mortgages do the heavy lifting and leg work for you.

Development finance.

Quite simply, development finance can be frightening when you’re approaching the banks yourself. You’ll want a mortgage advisor on your side who has access to multiple lenders and understands all the up-front work required.

Whether you need support with land developments or commercial and residential developments, Lendal Mortgages can do the heavy lifting and leg work for you. I deal with a variety of non-bank lenders who often make the process of applying for development finance seamless with their common-sense approach.

Purchasing a business.

When you’re purchasing a business you need a mortgage broker on your side who understands the terms of the sale and purchase, the past performance of the business and the new direction you have in mind for the business.

The application process requires a strong narrative around business strategy so the banks and other lenders understand the transaction and consider your finance request.

Lendal Mortgages is here to, expertly, guide you through the process, including sourcing the right documentation and presenting the best structure when submitting your finance application to the bank or other lender.

Tax / GST arrears.

You’re not alone. I’ve worked with many people who find the banks can run a mile when you have tax / GST obligations due.

I’ve got access to a variety of lenders who can, often, provide lending so you can repay your outstanding obligations to the IRD. Then, once you’re in a better financial position we can work on refinancing you back to your main bank.

Owing money to the IRD can be overwhelming – but I’m here to show you there can be light at the end of the tunnel. The best advice I can give is to get in touch today so we can tailor a solution that works for you.

Home Loan Broker for Investment Property

Want to know how I can support you with your new build & construction lending?

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