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About Me

Meet Matt, Wellington’s Recommended Mortgage Advisor

Matt Carr is a specialist mortgage advisor on a mission to offer you the best, unbiased advice for your financial and mortgage needs.

With unique independence from any bank or lender and 15 years of experience with 100s of clients across the country, Matt owns and operates Lendal Mortgages Limited.

We offer premium mortgage advisor services from our offices in Wellington CBD and Johnsonville, servicing Wellington, Upper Hutt, Lower Hutt, Kapiti, and surrounds.

First-Time Home Buyer Loans

Having led hundreds of New Zealanders into home ownership has positioned Lendal Mortgages as a preferred mortgage advisor for first-time home buyer loans.

Next Home Buyer Loans

Once you’ve entered the property market, the stakes become higher. Plenty of positive Google reviews position us as an experienced refinance mortgage advisor for New Zealanders.

Loan Reviews & Refinancing

Our best-rated mortgage advisors offer support for loan review submissions and the refinancing process for private individuals and businesses.

Meet Nick Cooper Our Mortgage Advisor

With 20 years of financial and community focused working experience behind him, Nick can provide industry knowledge and advice to help ensure that your financial goals become a reality. Nick’s background, and the extensive experience of Lendal Mortgages, ensures a unique advantage within the industry when assisting clients.

With the lending and housing market tough to navigate, Nick and Lendal Mortgages can help by making a client’s path easier by providing up-front and experienced advice on what you can expect, how to work with lenders and by making the overall process easier during your borrowing journey. 

Nick is focused on supporting you with honest advice and hard-working timeframes to suit your needs as a client. From first home buyers to experienced investors, mortgage refixes to loan refinancing, Nick with Lendal Mortgages are committed to delivering positive results for clients.

Meet Clint Fitzgibbon Our Mortgage Advisor

Clint is an experienced professional in the real estate sector, he provides a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved in property transactions and financial consultancy.

With a solid background in real estate transactions and now with a focus on mortgage advisory Clint’s  proficiency lies in bridging the gap between financial institutions and property aspirations. At Lendal Mortgages, providing clients with holistic and personalised guidance has been his cornerstone, ensuring they are well-equipped for sound investment decisions and value-adding home improvements.

Clint’s tenure as a salesperson honed his negotiation and communication skills, fostering strong client relationships and ensuring their buying and selling experiences were seamless and fulfilling. The drive to offer unparalleled service and develop deeply rooted connections is the hallmark of his professional ethos, all while maintaining the utmost integrity and professionalism in the dynamic world of property mortgage lending consultancy.

Clint look’s forward to helping clients realise their dream of home ownership in an ever-evolving financial world.

20+ lenders at my fingertips.

Whether you’re buying your first home, second home or investment property, buying land, building your dream home, refinancing or seeking a mortgage top-up or debt consolidation – it’s important you’re with a bank or lender who is on the same page as you.

That’s where I step in.

I’ve built strong relationships with over 20+ banks and non-bank lenders around New Zealand so I can find the right fit for you and your goals.

Lendal Mortgages is based in Wellington.

Working with people across the wider Wellington Region and around New Zealand.


(Access to all major banks operating in NewZeland)

$50 million

Loan Approved Per Year

120 +

Star Review & Growing


Years In Service

Why Choose a Specialist Mortgage Advisor?

The Skills and Experience that Set Lendal Mortgages Apart
  • Our expertise is trustworthy and steeped in experience

With a thorough understanding of the key lending criteria for each lender, our specialist mortgage advisor creates the best possible structure for your loan based on your specific circumstances.

  • Efficiency is at the heart of our process

Your application is used for over 20 of our country’s trusted financial institutions, saving you time and expediting your submission process. Our mortgage specialists do the legwork for you.

  •  We offer a wide range of options

Our strong relationships with leading institutions across New Zealand enable us to choose between plenty of options according to your needs and how you qualify. We also support your claims for KiwiSaver withdrawals.

  • The work comes at no cost to you

Banks and lenders are predominantly responsible for paying Lendal Mortgages, leaving us to focus on finding the best possible solution for your needs. If a fee arises, we’ll let you know in advance. There are no surprises!

  •  Lendal Mortgages Limited puts you first

Our top mortgage brokers are independent of any bank or lending service. Your needs come first, and we deliver our recommendations with a detailed explanation of why each option is suited to you.

Benefits of Using Lendal Mortgages

What You Stand to Gain When You Work With Us

As a licensed mortgage advisor, we have unique insight into the housing industry. We identify the best lenders and mortgage deals available across the country and pride ourselves on a long list of value-adds:

  • Convenience : As your expert mortgage advisor, we have access to the latest interest rate deals. We save you the time you would spend contacting each bank to see if you are eligible. We also prepare the paperwork on your behalf.

  • Cost-Efficiency : We take care of the legwork for you, freeing up your time with our expertise.  A skilled Mortgage Broker has the expertise to negotiate better results for you by understanding the current market and placing your needs with the perfect lender.

  • Access : Your certified mortgage advisor has access to over 20 banks and non-bank lenders, which enables us to find and access deals that are best suited to your needs.

  • Pre-Approval : If you don’t know what property you are looking for, a licensed mortgage advisor can arrange pre-approval so that you have clarity on the exact amount available to you. Having pre-approval beforehand gives you the information you need to optimise the house-hunt experience.

  • Expertise : A mortgage broker is an expert who can explain what you need to know in layperson’s terms. We can advise on the KiwiSaver HomeStart Grant and KiwiSaver First-Home Withdrawal processes. We structure the terms of the loan on your behalf.

  • Quality of Service : Over 100 positive reviews on Google confirm our position as a recommended mortgage advisor. Plenty of these customers began their journey with a simple search for a ‘mortgage consultant near me’. Let us do the same for you!

Partner Institutions: Relationships Matter. Here is our list of financial partners across New Zealand

What You Need to Qualify for a Loan

Our onboarding process is thorough and sets the stage for seamless, stress-free service. We do the work for you! That’s part of what has earned us our position as a recommended mortgage advisor. Your application depends on the following criteria:

  • The interest rate 

  • The required deposit

  • Fees charged upfront 

  • Mortgage term

Our shortlist of suggested deals is tailored according to your circumstances. Questions we ask include:

  • Are you purchasing an existing home, a new-build or an apartment? 

  • What is your current income? 

  • How big is your deposit? 

  • What is your credit history like? 

  • How much can you afford to budget for mortgage repayments?

Our Expert Knowledge Around Mortgages

How Our Expertise Can Support You on Your Investment Journey

Our certified mortgage advisor assists with sourcing bridging and short-term finance, guides investment property buyers, supports first-time home buyers and advises people looking to upgrade.

Your principal, Matt Carr, draws on nearly twenty years of experience working as an expert financier for clients in retail, business, commercial, and corporate departments of a major bank. His knowledge base extends from residential lending to commercial finance and developments.

Our team acts in a variety of different roles:

Expat mortgage advisors for:

  • New Zealand citizens living overseas

  • Investors from Australia and Singapore purchasing property in New Zealand

Need Help?


Frequently Asked Questions.

A mortgage advisor has insider knowledge of the lending underwriting standards for each bank and the non-bank lenders. Understanding these requirements means your mortgage advisor can quickly align your requirements to the right lender. This increases the likelihood of getting your loan approved.

A mortgage advisor can also send the same loan application to multiple lenders in a matter of minutes. If your loan is approved by each lender you’ll be able to compare the loan offers to find the best rates and terms for you.

Your mortgage advisor understands the different policies of each bank. We get to know you and your personal situation, so we can work with the appropriate lender(s) to match your unique circumstances.

If one lender says, No – you won’t have to tell your story all over again to another lender. We do the heavy lifting and leg work for you – allowing you to focus on other areas of your life.

Mortgage advisory/brokerage services are now a fully regulated industry. The Financial Advice Provider (FAP) has to be registered and the financial advisers (FA) who work for the FAP also have to be registered. The FAP has to operate under a license.

Financial advisers now have to be fully qualified to give advice and obtain qualifications to support this.

Mortgage advisors have insight into the lending environment because of the volume of enquiries we deal with and the number of lenders we work with. We’re able to provide independent advice to suit your needs, including term time-frames for your loan, the right interest rate split and how long you should fix your loan for.

Most of the time it’s free to use the services of a mortgage advisor. We get paid by the lenders on the settlement of your loan. In rare circumstances, we may need to charge a fee if we’re not eligible to receive commission from the lender.

Lendal Mortgages are part of the New Zealand Financial Services Group (NZFSG) – if you engage with Matt Carr of Lendal Mortgages you’ll be sent a user-friendly online application form to begin the process. Once I understand your personal situation I’ll be able to let you know what further documentation is required to support your application.

Interest rates are either in a downward or upward interest rate market. Often floating rates are higher than fixed interest rates. Your mortgage advisor can take the time to sit down with you, understand your financial situation, work out the cost of breaking your fixed rate and let you know how much you would save fixing at the new rate.

Your mortgage advisor comes with a wealth of knowledge beyond securing your mortgage finance. We can also assist with loan reviews – ensuring you’re with the right lender to help meet your financial goals. We can review your current home loan and may be able to recommend a better structure to save you money. Most of the time this service is completely free.

Do you have a mortgage or lending question?

I’ve been in the financial industry since 2007 and I’ve been asked a few similar questions, once or twice. So I’ve put together some of my most frequently asked questions if you want to check them out before getting in touch.

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