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Are you seeking mortgage advice or looking to refinance? Lendal Mortgages have the expertise to guide you through every step. We turn complex processes into a stress-free experience for you. We are experienced and skilled mortgage advisors for first home loan buyers and next home buyers in Wellington. 

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Home Loans Wellington

As your trusted mortgage advisors with over 15 years of experience, we’re here to guide you through your home loan process. Experience seamless home loan advice from our experts team.

Investment Home Loans Wellington

Maximise your property investment loan with our seasoned mortgage advisors. We’re the mortgage advisors turning your investments dreams into reality.

Home Loan Refinance

Revitalise finances with our refinance mortgage advisors in Wellington. Experience seamless home loạn refinancing advice that elevates your financial freedom.

Loan Advisory Services

New Home Build Loan & Construction Mortgage

Unlock your dream home with our new build mortgage advisors. We simplify new construction loans in Wellington with expert advice.

Commercial Property Loans

Discover lucrative opportunities with commercial property loan advisory services in Wellington. Secure your future with our tailored commercial mortgages.

Business Loan & Development Lending

Fuel your business growth with specialist advice on tailored business loans in Wellington. Elevate your enterprise with the flexible commercial loans.

Experience a stress free mortgage application

Work with professional mortgage advisors in Wellington

At Lendal Mortgages, our mission is to provide the very best in mortgage solutions with a focus on securing your financial future through the latest, most effective lending options. As a certified and independent mortgage advisor in Wellington, we understand that the right mortgage can significantly enhance not only your financial health but also your overall quality of life and peace of mind.

Our entire team is trained in the art of personalised service, and your satisfaction is always our number one priority, ensuring that your mortgage process is smooth and stress-free.

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Expert Advice and a Friendly Caring Team

We at Lendal Mortgages, pride ourselves on our extensive access to multiple lenders, allowing us to offer customised assistance tailored to each client’s unique needs. We guide our clients through the entire mortgage process, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

Our comprehensive range of services includes home loans, property investment loans, home loan refinancing, commercial property loans, and business loans. With over 15 years of experience, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every client interaction, ensuring optimal loan structures and the best possible outcomes.


(Access to all major banks operating in New Zealand)

$50 million

Loan Approved Per Year

120 +

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Residential Lending/Home Loan Mortgage Advisor in Wellington

Embark on your home ownership journey with confidence. As your residential mortgage advisor, we demystify the complex world of mortgage options. 

Investment Home Loans

Investment home loans in Wellington are your gateway to long-term financial growth. Looking for the best buy-to-let mortgage? We’ve got you covered. Our investment property loans advice are designed to maximise your ROI, whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out.

Home Loan Refinancing

Our home loan refinancing advice will help breathe new life into your mortgage terms. Considering a refinancing mortgage? We offer expert advice to ensure you make the right choice.

Our Mortgage Advisory Services

Mortgage Broker Near Me

New Build Mortgages and Construction Loans

Transform your construction dreams into reality with our specialised lending solutions advice. Our construction loan advice offer the financial foundation your project needs.

Commercial Real Estate Lending

Commercial real estate loans are designed to give you the financial leverage you need. As commercial lending specialists, we offer tailored solutions that align with your business goals.

Business and Development Lending

Business loan advice is the catalyst you need for immediate growth. For larger ventures, commercial loans offer the financial muscle to make your vision a reality.

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Want To Get General Understanding Of What Your Mortgage Will Cost You Month To Month ?

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Your Trusted Path to Financial Freedom

Elevate Your Mortgage Experience with Certified Expertise

Choosing the right financial partner is crucial. As a registered financial advisor, we offer you the independence you crave. Our team of independent mortgage advisors is not tied to any lender, ensuring unbiased advice. Being a local mortgage advisor in Wellington NZ, we understand your unique needs. Recognised as a top mortgage advisor, our reputation precedes us. Rest easy knowing you’re in the hands of licensed and certified mortgage advisors. Lendal Mortgages‘ team of registered advisors is committed to guiding you every step of the way with unbiased mortgage advice. Speak to us about your loan needs.

Empowering Your Financial Journey

Hi, I’m Matt Carr, the owner and your trusted advisor at Lendal Mortgages. We are independent mortgage advisors based in Wellington who have the experience to get you the best mortgage deals.

As experienced mortgage advisors we provide mortgage advice to home and business owners in Wellington, Upper Hutt, Lower Hutt, Khandallah, Johnsonville, Porirua, Kapiti and beyond.

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A Few Reasons Why You Should Use A Mortgage Advisor.

As a mortgage advisor we are regulated to give financial advice. We have qualifications in place and operate under a license which allows us to give advice on what we believe works best for you (the client).Many of the bank staff are not registered financial advisors. They will often hand you bulky economic reports and ask you to make your own mind up with the information you have been given.

New Construction Loans Wellington

How to Access Commercial Property Lending ?

Commercial property lending is a great way to expand your business, purchase additional properties, or start a new venture. But understanding the process and knowing what to expect can be tricky.At Lendal Mortgages, we strive to make the commercial property lending process as smooth and straightforward as possible.

Loan Reviews & Home Loan Refinance

Residential Home Loans

Commercial Property Loans

New Builds & Construction Loans

Business & Development Loans

Investment Home Loans

Partner Institutions: Relationships Matter. Here is our list of financial partners across New Zealand

Lendal Mortgages Limited has access to the following lenders:

Frequently Asked Questions

A mortgage advisor has insider knowledge of the lending underwriting standards for each bank and the non-bank lenders. Understanding these requirements means your mortgage advisor can quickly align your requirements to the right lender. This increases the likelihood of getting your loan approved.

A mortgage advisor can also send the same loan application to multiple lenders in a matter of minutes. If your loan is approved by each lender you’ll be able to compare the loan offers to find the best rates and terms for you.

Your mortgage advisor understands the different policies of each bank. We get to know you and your personal situation, so we can work with the appropriate lender(s) to match your unique circumstances.

If one lender says, No – you won’t have to tell your story all over again to another lender. We do the heavy lifting and leg work for you – allowing you to focus on other areas of your life.

Mortgage advisory/brokerage services are now a fully regulated industry. The Financial Advice Provider (FAP) has to be registered and the financial advisers (FA) who work for the FAP also have to be registered. The FAP has to operate under a license.

Financial advisers now have to be fully qualified to give advice and obtain qualifications to support this.

Mortgage advisors have insight into the lending environment because of the volume of enquiries we deal with and the number of lenders we work with. We’re able to provide independent advice to suit your needs, including term time-frames for your loan, the right interest rate split and how long you should fix your loan for.

Interest rates are either in a downward or upward interest rate market. Often floating rates are higher than fixed interest rates. Your mortgage advisor can take the time to sit down with you, understand your financial situation, work out the cost of breaking your fixed rate and let you know how much you would save fixing at the new rate.

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